The Lost Pit VR

An Epic VR FPS

Set in a futuristic world, The Lost Pit VR is an FPS game that sees two teams fight for their life in a incredible arena where rocks are floating and any misstep leads to a deadly fall. The game will be a multiplayer online game and will be upgraded to a completely different level thank to our new Kenzan Arena facility, in which six players will fight in a VR room for the ultimate VR game experience!


A game like no other

This game was not conceived for VR, but is native to VR.

It is designed to circumvent the limitations of the gear used today, in a way that boosts the gameplay and frees the players, so that they can fully enjoy their time in The Lost Pit VR.


The ultimate gaming experience

The Lost Pit VR will be available in three flavors.

  • The VIP floating camera will allow everyone to watch the best parts of the action;
  • The roomscale VR game will be an ideal training platform for aspiring warriors;
  • The full experience, including two players on motion simulators riding badass flying bikes, will be available in the Kenzan Arena, where e-sports, on-site and online game tournaments will be held on a regular basis.
Title The Lost Pit VR
Genre Competitive Shooter
Platform Kenzan Arena Steam
Players 10 + 2 on Motion Simulator 6
Duration 15min 10min