The Frankenstein Park


With a visionary and ambitious project centered around Frankenstein, the company ‘Three Golden Doors’ has approached us to make the project commercially solid and motivating.

Focused on the quest for immortality, this theme park has over the months been a subject of innumerable ideas evolving into a monumental challenge cinematographically, architecturally, logistically and financially.

We have developed together a series of spectacular attractions that will be officially announced in May 2017.

The limits of the human race

This project is very dear to us. Simply put, it’s a Theme Park about the human tendency to seek Immortality. Through Gods and Super Heroes, Mythologies and Science, we search for ways to re-imagine, and re-engineer our selves. 

From the depths of the dawn of time, when he stood naked and terrified in a hostile land, Man unconsciously undertook a fantastic journey that projected him towards the infinite and the divine, developing the concept of immortality in the afterlife.

Now and consciously this time, Man realizes that he may be able, in the near future, to free himself from death, and this is shaking all the foundations of his thought, while escaping from a tumultuous past, a fascinating and worrying future emerges slowly, facing his unbridled imagination. It is this extraordinary adventure that we are going to tell.

Knowledge at the heart of wonder

With its prestigious hotels, restaurants, shows, spaces of high speed, vertigo, strong emotions and entertainment, the park is a crazy environment.

It is a world where statues come to life, where giants emerge from the ground, where doors speak and question, where dark forces cross paths and where the earth rises to the passage of subterranean and mysterious life forms.

It is also a place of laughter and fear, where what seems most unlikely is real and where seemingly the most insignificant places hide deep mysteries and fabulous secrets.

Surrounding the true heart of the park, the Frankenstein House and its wonders – an ancient forest, the cradle of powerful and forgotten magic, a secret garden, a prodigious labyrinth, a mysterious island, a hidden temple, three museums, a fabulous underground city, a forgotten fortress of the seventeenth century and its strange village, a vast technological park, an exceptional immersive course complex, an E-combat arena, and finally a totally new adventure playground for children, offer to the visitor more than sixty striking attractions most of which have never been seen before.

The park develops around a central complex, the Frankenstein House, and proposes the discovery of three distinct and deeply connected worlds, each of these worlds introduces and complements the others: in the North develops the Technological World, in the East stretches the Mythological World, in the South, the Victorian World is hiding, and in the West, these three universes collide.

From the begining, the concept of this theme park was conceived as a museum project of the future, a technological challenge, a completely connected space.

The latest technologies combined

The Internet and the Web, combined with the latest technologies in imaging and connectivity are therefore the main players hidden in the shadow of this project of extreme ambition.

This has strongly influenced the design of the attractions and spaces in this framework, conceived as a place of magic and illusion, where everything is possible, everything becomes feasible and where phantasmagoria, wonder and mystery serve the tour, the discovery and the learning experience.