VR may eventually turn out to be as disruptive as the World Wide Web was in the 90s. Judging from users’ first reactions, this new display, this “immersive screen” generates immediate interest.

   But this interest will be short-lived if dedicated content does not take into account the specificities of this new medium.

   Kenzan has been exploring VR for several years and devotes much of its R&D budget to adapting media and support in a relevant way.

   Kenzan received overwhelming support at the SIGGRAPH 2015 and at the VR Summit in 2016, also attracting media and “big player” attention at the GDC, where its VR attraction was reviewed as “one of the most interesting ones” “because it makes sense”.

   Kenzan VR develops tailor-made attractions for all kinds of clients and is working on its own IPs in order to create extraordinary experiences and remain at the forefront of a bustling new field.



    In 2006 a group of engineers, visual artists and creative minds decided to rethink how to combine media with display technology. Our first realizations were tactile screens, light mapping, interactive interfaces and screen mosaics.

   In 2011 we created our first holographic display, and started developing this unique media platform. We then created 3D holographic displays, double screen holographic displays and the Kenzan Himalia, a totally transparent holographic display.

   In 2015, we pioneered the world first holographic display made of cardboard, the Kenzan Mercury, and developed the Real Virtuality platform with our partner Artanim, by combining Virtual Reality headsets with a motion capture installation.

   Because details matters, we have our own creative talents, 3D visual artists and experienced cinematographers to create media content perfectly tailored to our displays and to your needs.



    The beauty with Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) is that everything is possible. But let's not forget that the message comes first.

   Thanks to our team of in-house team of 3D Artists, we realize our own models, our own animations, our own textures and shaders.

   We have our own rendering farm, as well as a state of the art Motion Capture facility to achieve the most realistic effects.

   Our creative directors have extensive experience drafting CGI storyboards and content. Get in touch for a creative session with us!